A unique knife & scissor sharpener!!

Hey everyone, recently I have bought this knife sharpener for sharpening the old knives and scissors, first of all, let me tell you that if you are buying this product then you will not get disappointed with this product.
So let me start with the review.
# Box Contents 📦:- In the box you will get the knife sharpener and a user manual.

# Build Quality:-*The build quality of the product is great it is made up of stainless steel and the handle has a nice grip.

*The bottom part has a nice cushion layer and while operating the knife sharpener it does not slip from its surface.

* Uses:- It can be used to sharpen your knife and scissors, and there are 4 methods to operate the knife sharpener.

Stage 1:- It is for sharpening the scissors, to sharpen your scissors ✂️ open the scissors and hold the handle tightly and roll it inside in one direction only.

Stage 2:- If your knife is very blunt and you need a fine sharpness then use this place to sharpen your knife. Put your knife in the sharpener and then move the backward or forward (you have to use one direction only).

Stage 3:- If you want to remove any rough edge from your knife then use this stage, run the knife through the ceramic rods for 5 times forward and backward.

Stage 4:- This stage is also good for giving a mild sharpness in your knife.

# NOTE:- This is a manually operated knife sharpener and it is very safe & convenient to use.

I will definitely recommend you to buy this product for sharpening your knives and scissors. After all a great buy!!

Here is the link to buy this product:- http://amzn.to/2wpgxmt

Thanks for reading my review and if youy have any doubt then feel free to comment down below.


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