Awesome fidget spinner loving it 😍

Hey everyone, I have recently bought this Captain America fidget spinner from for Rs 478 (including 79 delivery charge). Seller named OMIAX. So let's get started with the review.

# PACKING: - It comes in a metal box you can also use it for storing your fidget spinner.

# BUILD QUALITY:- The fidget spinner is made up of metal & it also gives a nice weight to the spinner. It also increases the spin time of the spinner. It is well balanced out of the box.

 #BEARING: - The bearing is R188 bearing you can also replace the bearing in future if it is not working properly. It is easily available in the market.

# SPIN TIME: - The spin time in the product description is written is 3-4 mins but in my case the spin time is 3.5 mins which is great. (Spin time depends upon the force you are applying to spin)


Pros πŸ‘:-
* The spinner is made up of metal so it is very durable.
* As compared to the weight the spin time is awesome.
* It is very slim and compact you can easily slip it into your pocket.
* When the spinner is spinning it does not make a noise like the regular spinners.
* The sides of the spinner is spiral type so that you can come to know that the spinner is spinning. And you can also use it to hypnotize someone πŸ˜‚.
* Yes you can also spin the star which is present on the finger rest. (Here you get another thing for fidgeting)
# Cons πŸ‘Ž: -NIL
# FINAL VERDICT: - I will definitely recommend you to buy this product. If you are a Marvel fan then it's a worth to buy this product. After all a great buy!!

Link to purchase this spinner:-

Nishant Lala


  1. hello well i was looking at your amazon profile, and read about your blog there, so thought of visiting.
    I have a question if you do not mind answering, do you actually buy everything or you get review unit at discount or free to review ?


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