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Very Addictive!!

*Hey guys, I have purchased this fidget spinner from seller named Center point Electronics.

*It comes in many colors variants like-  Camouflage Pink, Camouflage Yellow, White, Light Pink, & Green.
*I have bought the Green color variant.
*I have been using this fidget spinner for the last 1 month. So let's get started with the review of the product.

 #The product is quite heavy and all the three sides are having equal weight so this gives a nice spin to the fidget spinner. Let me start with the pros and cons:-
Pros:-1) It is made up of high-quality plastic so it does not get cracked very easily this material makes the product durable.
2) The bearing is made up of ceramic so it gives a smooth and quite spin people beside you does not get disturbed while you are spinning it.
3) The three sides of the spinner are also having bearing it gives the spinner some nice weight.
4) It is very compatible you can slip it into your pocket or in your bag.
5) The spin time of the spinner is 2…

Great read!!

*This book State vs Amrit Kumar is a story of an honest police officer (Amrit Kumar) who has been charged with murder and has been put behind bars.
* The lawyer Sukumar fights for Amrit Kumar and learns interesting facts about Amrit's family, friends and about the past.
* Sukumar (lawyer) also contests Amrit's friend Ajay's, & here is an abundance of wealth works like a poison in the absence of values.
Well, rest I will keep it as suspense this is a very interesting book you must give this book a read.
I will definitely recommend you to read this book once.

Here is the link to buy this book:-
I will definitely recommend you to read this book once.
Regards,Nishant Lala.

Good light for emergency purposes.

Got this emergency light from for Rs 399.
The Emergency light comes in a very neat packing the box contains the Emergency light, the charging adapter. It is a very useful product when there is electricity cut during rain, thunderstorm etc. So let's get started with the build quality of this product.

*Build Quality:-The build of this emergency light is very nice the finishing is also great it is very smooth from its sides. The build is great.
* Features:-1) It is having total 30 led so this makes the Emergency light very bright.2) Strong and weak light can be set by the push buttons.3) The capacity of the battery is 1600 mAh so this is enough for a led emergency light.4) There is a sliding handle so that you can carry with yourself.5) The light is very light so your hands will not get pain while you are carrying it.6) There is also a hole so that you can hang it on the wall.7) It takes almost 20 hours to charge fully.8) The charge lasts up to 5 hours.
* Final verdict:-If yo…

Best natural hair oil!!

Got this product from Well, it's a great hair oil for all types of hair. So let's get started with the oil composition in this product:-
*It contains 7 oils in one product Almond Oil, Amla Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut oil and Walnut oil.
Advantages of this Oil:-
1) It reduces hair fall and dandruff in a short period of time and makes hair healthy and shiny.2) It includes all natural oils so it is very useful for the hairs.3) Makes the hair manageable and gives a nice texture.4) This oil does not contain any Mineral oil, silicone and sulfate which are harmful to your hairs and much other hair oil brand contain mineral oil.5) This oil can protect hairs from pollution damage.6) It can also reduce the white hairs.
Application of This oil:-
* You have to apply this oil before going to bed or you can apply this few hour before taking shower. You have to wash it off with your regular shampoo.
Packing of this product:-
The product is packed safely, it comes with…

Awesome chocolate 🍫

Hey, guys got this chocolate for rs 399 from and the chocolate is awesome loved the taste of this chocolate loved it❤️. Well, let me start with the packing of this product.
PACKING:-It comes in a neat packing it is well protected with the bubble wrap and beside it is having ice gel packs so that the chocolate will not get melted. But it gets melted so I suggest you refrigerate the chocolate before taking it out for consumption.
TASTE:-I just loved the taste of the chocolate you will not regret after buying this chocolate. It is 70% Dark Intense bar.
About the product:-Well, it is made by using 100% Belgium Chocolates and it is processed by Imported European Machines. So please do check this information before buying this chocolate.And I liked the concept of chocholik that they deliver chocolates at any temperature.
I will definitely recommend this product and the seller is also great by doing the very protective packing.

Here is the link to buy this product:-…

Best natural body wash at this price range!!

Hey guys, recently I have purchased this body wash and let me tell you that this is the best body wash I have ever used. So let's come to the product.
* The product is having many things like zesty lime, lemon, orange, spearmint is also there so all these makes the shower gel very refreshing and the smell of the gel is awesome.*After using this shower gel it will make you energetic and refreshed.* It makes the skin very smooth not like soaps it makes the skin dull and rough, but after using this shower gel it made my skin smooth and moisturised.
If you want to try some new body shower gel then you must give this product a try. 

Here is the link to purchase this product:-

Thank you,
Nishant Lala.

Great wireless in-ear earphones!!

Hey guys I have bought this skull candy in-ear earphones for Rs 2299. So let's get started with the review of this product.
* Box Contents: - In the box, you will get the wireless earphones, spare earbuds, USB cable for charging and a user manual. (image attached)
* The features of this product are as follows:-
1) The earphones are very compact and there is no to get a tangled earphone wire while it is in your pocket or in your bag.
2) Skull Candy claims that the battery lasts for 6 hours & yes in my case it lasted for 6 hours.
3) It has in line microphone so that you can take the call on the go without touching your phone.
4) It comes with a built in remote with one button control over the music & phone calls you can change the track, pause the music as we can say it is a multifunctional remote.
5) It has a nice isolating fit, well it fits securely in my ears and it also blocks outside noise so you are not disturbed while listening to your favorite tracks.
6) The build quality of…

Amazon India's cheapest fidget spinner for Rs 99 only!!

Hey guys first of all let me tell you that I have got this spinner for rs 99 only from So let me start with the Build quality of this product.* Build Quality:- The whole spinner is made up of plastic and it is durable, this makes the spinner very light weight. It does not have metal rings or bearing on the sides of the spinner instead of that all the 3 sides have small metal balls this makes the spinner stable and light weight. The build is also sturdy.* Bearing:- The bearing is made up of metal and it is not remove able like regular fidget spinners in that you can take out the metal bearings and do the maintenance work but in this spinner the bearing is fixed. And yes the bearing is butter smooth & makes less noise while spinning.*Spin time:- The spin time in the product description is written 2 to 4.5 mins, yes in my case the spin times is 3.5 mins, I am shocked how can a light weight spinner can spin for more than 3 mins. It's a great spinner.Pros:-
* The spinner…