Amazon India's cheapest fidget spinner for Rs 99 only!!

Hey guys first of all let me tell you that I have got this spinner for rs 99 only from So let me start with the Build quality of this product.

* Build Quality:- The whole spinner is made up of plastic and it is durable, this makes the spinner very light weight. It does not have metal rings or bearing on the sides of the spinner instead of that all the 3 sides have small metal balls this makes the spinner stable and light weight. The build is also sturdy.

* Bearing:- The bearing is made up of metal and it is not remove able like regular fidget spinners in that you can take out the metal bearings and do the maintenance work but in this spinner the bearing is fixed. And yes the bearing is butter smooth & makes less noise while spinning.

*Spin time:- The spin time in the product description is written 2 to 4.5 mins, yes in my case the spin times is 3.5 mins, I am shocked how can a light weight spinner can spin for more than 3 mins. It's a great spinner.

* The spinner is very light weight and I liked this product.
* Because of light weight if you are spinning this spinner for long periods then it will not hurt your fingers. If the spinner is heavy then it will hurt your fingers.
* The place where will you place your thumb is also having a nice comfortable design.

Cons:- NIL

Overview:- If you are looking for a light weight fidget spinner then you can buy this product and this spinner is very good for kids because it will not harm them it's fully made up of plastic. It's a must buy fidget spinner in less price. You can buy this product without giving a second thought.

Here is the link to purchase this product:-

Nishant Lala.


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