Unb0xed the Tea Treasure bag!!

Hey guys, I have got this bag full of tea samples from the Tea Treasure. So let's start the unb0xing!!

*The contents of this bag are:-

1) Tea Treasure Honey Sticks.

2) Tea Treasure English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea

3) Muslin Tea Filter Bags

4) Paper Tea Filter Bags

5) Tea Treasure Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea.

6) Tea Treasure Silver Needle Loose Leaf WhiteTea

7) Tea Treasure Oolong Loose Leaf Darjeeling Tea

8) Tea Treasure Urban Ball Infuser

9) Tea Treasure Peepal Baba Chai Masala

10) Tea Treasure Premium Chai Masala

11) Tea Treasure First Flush Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea.

12) Tea Treasure Kashmiri Khawa Loose Leaf Green Tea

13) Tea Treasure Silver Needle Handcrafted Loose Leaf White Tea Bags

14) Tea Treasure Oolong Darjeeling Handcrafted Loose Leaf Tea Bags

#And yes I have also got the mug for coffee, tea & Milk. Here is the picture of the mug.

So total I have received 15 products this was the quick unboxing of this bag, Stay Tuned for more!!

Thank You,
Nishant Lala.


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