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Awesome fidget spinner loving it 😍

Hey everyone, I have recently bought this Captain America fidget spinner from for Rs 478 (including 79 delivery charge). Seller named OMIAX. So let's get started with the review.

# PACKING: - It comes in a metal box you can also use it for storing your fidget spinner.

# BUILD QUALITY:- The fidget spinner is made up of metal & it also gives a nice weight to the spinner. It also increases the spin time of the spinner. It is well balanced out of the box.

 #BEARING: - The bearing is R188 bearing you can also replace the bearing in future if it is not working properly. It is easily available in the market.

# SPIN TIME: - The spin time in the product description is written is 3-4 mins but in my case the spin time is 3.5 mins which is great. (Spin time depends upon the force you are applying to spin)

Pros 👍:-
* The spinner is made up of metal so it is very durable.
* As compared to the weight the spin time is awesome.
* It is very slim and compact you can easily slip it into your …

Awesome Tea!! Loved it :)

Hey guys, I have bought the sample of the tea so let's start the review.
*Packing: - Well, I have bought the sample pack it comes in a 2gm sachet.
* Ingredients: - It is a mixture of Assam Black Tea and Darjeeling Black Tea.

* Health Benefits: - It is a fusion of two famous Black tea the concentrated flavors and the antioxidants reduce the risks related to health like heart problems, preventing cancer etc.
* Aroma & taste: - I liked the bitterness of herbs and strong effect of tea. If you love zesty flavors then you will definitely love this tea. and yes if you are a tea lover then you must give this a try.
#NOTE: - It can be infused for 3 times. #Here is the link to purchase this:- Thank You, Nishant Lala.

Travel Friendly Honey sticks!!

Hey guys, this is the review of The Tea Treasure Honey Sticks.
*These sticks are very compact and you can carry it with yourself in your bag or in the clutch and you can enjoy this with your cup of tea at any place and at any time.
* These are super handy & mess free. Loved the taste also.
# Here is the link to purchase this:-
Thank You, Nishant Lala.

Unb0xed the Tea Treasure bag!!

Hey guys, I have got this bag full of tea samples from the Tea Treasure. So let's start the unb0xing!!

*The contents of this bag are:-
1) Tea Treasure Honey Sticks.
2) Tea Treasure English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea
3) Muslin Tea Filter Bags
4) Paper Tea Filter Bags
5) Tea Treasure Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea.
6) Tea Treasure Silver Needle Loose Leaf WhiteTea
7) Tea Treasure Oolong Loose Leaf Darjeeling Tea
8) Tea Treasure Urban Ball Infuser
9) Tea Treasure Peepal Baba Chai Masala
10) Tea Treasure Premium Chai Masala
11) Tea Treasure First Flush Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea.
12) Tea Treasure Kashmiri Khawa Loose Leaf Green Tea
13) Tea Treasure Silver Needle Handcrafted Loose Leaf White Tea Bags
14) Tea Treasure Oolong Darjeeling Handcrafted Loose Leaf Tea Bags

#And yes I have also got the mug for coffee, tea & Milk. Here is the picture of the mug.

So total I have received 15 products this was the quick unboxing of this bag, Stay Tuned for more!!

Thank You, Nishant Lala.