Awesome Tea!! Loved it :)

Hey guys, I have bought the sample of the tea so let's start the review.
*Packing: - Well, I have bought the sample pack it comes in a 2gm sachet.
* Ingredients: - It is a mixture of Assam Black Tea and Darjeeling Black Tea.

* Health Benefits: - It is a fusion of two famous Black tea the concentrated flavors and the antioxidants reduce the risks related to health like heart problems, preventing cancer etc.
* Aroma & taste: - I liked the bitterness of herbs and strong effect of tea. If you love zesty flavors then you will definitely love this tea. and yes if you are a tea lover then you must give this a try.
#NOTE: - It can be infused for 3 times.
#Here is the link to purchase this:-
Thank You,
Nishant Lala.


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