Best natural hair oil!!

Got this product from Well, it's a great hair oil for all types of hair. So let's get started with the oil composition in this product:-
*It contains 7 oils in one product Almond Oil, Amla Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut oil and Walnut oil.
Advantages of this Oil:-
1) It reduces hair fall and dandruff in a short period of time and makes hair healthy and shiny.2) It includes all natural oils so it is very useful for the hairs.3) Makes the hair manageable and gives a nice texture.4) This oil does not contain any Mineral oil, silicone and sulfate which are harmful to your hairs and much other hair oil brand contain mineral oil.5) This oil can protect hairs from pollution damage.6) It can also reduce the white hairs.
Application of This oil:-
* You have to apply this oil before going to bed or you can apply this few hour before taking shower. You have to wash it off with your regular shampoo.
Packing of this product:-
The product is packed safely, it comes with a spray-type dispenser so you can take out the required amount of oil to apply. (I have attached few photos of this product)
Verdict:-* If you are looking for a natural oil that can strengthen your hairs and can even remove dandruff then you can definitely go for this product.

Here is the link to purchase the product:-

Thank You, 
Nishant Lala.


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