Good light for emergency purposes.

Got this emergency light from for Rs 399.
The Emergency light comes in a very neat packing the box contains the Emergency light, the charging adapter. It is a very useful product when there is electricity cut during rain, thunderstorm etc. So let's get started with the build quality of this product.

*Build Quality:-The build of this emergency light is very nice the finishing is also great it is very smooth from its sides. The build is great.
* Features:-1) It is having total 30 led so this makes the Emergency light very bright.2) Strong and weak light can be set by the push buttons.3) The capacity of the battery is 1600 mAh so this is enough for a led emergency light.4) There is a sliding handle so that you can carry with yourself.5) The light is very light so your hands will not get pain while you are carrying it.6) There is also a hole so that you can hang it on the wall.7) It takes almost 20 hours to charge fully.8) The charge lasts up to 5 hours.
* Final verdict:-If you are looking for a rechargeable emergency light then you must buy this product without giving any second thought. This product is bang for the buck!!

Here is the link to purchase the product:-

Thank You, 
Nishant Lala.


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