Very Addictive!!

*Hey guys, I have purchased this fidget spinner from seller named Center point Electronics.

*It comes in many colors variants like-  Camouflage Pink, Camouflage Yellow, White, Light Pink, & Green.
*I have bought the Green color variant.
*I have been using this fidget spinner for the last 1 month. So let's get started with the review of the product.

 #The product is quite heavy and all the three sides are having equal weight so this gives a nice spin to the fidget spinner. Let me start with the pros and cons:-
Pros:-1) It is made up of high-quality plastic so it does not get cracked very easily this material makes the product durable.
2) The bearing is made up of ceramic so it gives a smooth and quite spin people beside you does not get disturbed while you are spinning it.
3) The three sides of the spinner are also having bearing it gives the spinner some nice weight.
4) It is very compatible you can slip it into your pocket or in your bag.
5) The spin time of the spinner is 2-3 mins but it does not exceed the 3 min time period (in my case spin time is 2 min 50 seconds) and yes it also depends on how much force you are giving while you are spinning the fidget spinner.
6) When you are beginner you will be spinning it with your both hands and after some time you will be able to spin it with your one hand only.
7) You can also spin it on any flat surface also like a table or on the floor.
8) This product is mainly made for relieving your stress and even for time pass.
9) It can also reduce your addiction if you are addicted to smoking or any other thing like you are addicted to your phone then instead of using your phone you can spin this fidget spinner.
The packing of the product was very safe packing.
Cons:-Till now I have not found any con in this product.

Note: - Now the green color variant is not available but you can buy the other variants.

Here is the link to buy the fidget spinner:-

(i) Light pink
(ii) Camouflage Pink
(iii) Camouflage Yellow

Thank You,
Nishant Lala.


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